Technology and Equipment Advantages
Environmental Protection Advantages
Labor Protection Advantages
  Technology and Equipment Advantages

The breaking and separating system:
· Low noise breaker, 10-50t / h
· The sorted plastics and separators are lead-free, clean and free of impurities
· The coarse and fine lead grids are completely separated, free of lead    paste,will be melted directly at low temperature and processed into various lead-based alloys.



The Smelting system:
· The pure oxygen-combustion technology is adopted to effectively improve the combustion efficiency saving energy by 45-55%, the emission reduction effect is remarkable
· Thermal energy exchanged with low energy consumption, natural gas ≤ 50m3 / T. Pb
· Adopting an oxygen-free lead feeding process to avoid lead oxide generation during the lead feeding process
· The metal content in the smelted slag is low, Pb≤1.0%, Sb≤0.5%, Sn≤0.5%

The refining system:
· Combination of oxidizing and basic refining, fine lead purity:

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