Forty years of endeavor, one thing is determined. From "small village workshop" to "world enterprise", from "rural dirt road" to "belt and road", the founder of New Chunxing, Mr. Yang Chunming with the courage and spirit of "mountain chiseled to road, water connected with bridge", has demonstrated a successful example of high quality development of secondary lead enterprise.

Mr. Yang Chunming has long been engaged in research and leadership of secondary lead technology, being holder of many proprietary rights and patented technology, he has undertaken the national pollution-free secondary lead science and technology reform, treasury bond support, circular economy, urban mining and many other major national science and technology research projects. Mr. Yang is China's secondary lead industry and technology leader; Deputy Direcor of the Secondary Metals Branch, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association; Deputy Director of Lead and Zinc Branch, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association. Jiangsu Chunxing Group for many years has been the industry leader of Pizhou private enterprises; Xuzhou industrial enterprises Top 50;Jiangsu Province outstanding private enterprises;China's top 500 private enterprises; enterprise that passed inspection of Ministry of Ecology and Environment;  "Secondary lead industry access conditions" accredited by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. He and the Chunxing group led by him have successfully established factories in Thailand, Pakistan and other countries and have developed a successful model for the implementation of the go-out strategy in China's non-ferrous metals industry. Thanks to his outstanding contribution, Mr. Yang was awarded influential figure in the non-ferrous metals industry in China, and an exemplary worker in the non-ferrous metals industry.

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