1978 Mr. Yang Chunming started “Pizhou Zhanglou Xinzhuang Alloy Plant”
1984 Relocated to west of Xizhuang and renamed “Pizhou Non Ferrous Metal Alloys Plant”
1988 Relocated to south of Penghe Qiao in Pizhou, renamed “Xuzhou Non- Ferrous Metals Alloys Plant”
1996 Set up plants in Guangzhou and Chongqing. 
1997 Renamed “Jiangsu Chunxing Alloys Group Co., Ltd.”
2001 Set up plants in Xiamen and Tianjin
2003 Involved in drafting on National Secondary Lead Industrial Standard
2005 Approved to become the first batch of Circular Economy Exemplary Enterprise in China
2006 Set up joint venture companies with Sembcorp Environment, a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings: “Jiangsu
         Chunxing Sembcorp Alloy Co., Ltd.” “Chongqing Chunxing Sembcorp Alloy Co., Ltd.”
2007 Set up plants in Wuxi and Tianjin
2008 Authorized by National Standard Committee to carry out National Circular Economy Standardized pilot work
2009 Renamed “Jiangsu New Chunxing Resource Recycling Co., Ltd.”
2010 Technological Upgrading and ULAB Treatment of 300,000 ton per annum
2011 Designated as National “Urban Mining” Exemplary Base by National Development and Reform Commission 
2013 Passed the inspection and license approval by Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the first secondary
         lead enterprise that complies with laws and regulations on environmental protection in China
2014 Listed as national “Secondary Lead Industry Access Conditions” permitted enterprise
2015 Passed the National Circular Economy Exemplary enterprise inspection
2017 Passed the National “Urban Mining” Exemplary Base inspection
2018 Accredited “All China Green Plants”, Joint Venture company invested in Pakistan started operation the 
         same year
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