Jiangsu New Chunxing Resource Recycling Co., Ltd. is a company with over 40 years history of processing ULAB (Used Lead Acid Battery). The present ULAB treatment capacity is 1 million mt/year and secondary lead output capacity is 600,000mt/year.

New Chunxing is National “Urban Mining” Exemplary Base, National Torch Programme Industrial Base, “National Authorized Enterprise Technological Centre” and “National Appraised High-Tech Enterprise” it is also the first secondary lead manufacturing enterprise that passed the inspection and license approval from Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It has been accredited “All China Green Plants” in Oct 2018 by MIIT.

New Chunxing’s independently researched and developed ULAB treatment equipment and processing technologies are automated with seamless connection from ULAB breaking, separating, converting, smelting, alloying to storage and dispatching. These new processing technologies have been granted over 30 national patented proprietary rights and are capable of manufacturing automated production line with ULAB treatment capacity between 10,000 to 300,000 mt/year. Answering to the call of the state’s “Belt and Road Initiative” strategic development plan, New Chunxing is developing secondary lead projects worldwide and endeavors to be the largest secondary lead group in the world.


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